Build your drone world by subscribing to a global drone database

Members can subscribe to a global drone database as service providers, trainers, insurance, you name it, if it’s got to do with drones, you can join!

Take-Off Membership

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Your free TAKE-OFF MEMBERSHIP allows you to fly with confidence, keep informed and spread your wings within the UAV world.
Membership gives you access to:

  • 24/7 UAV news feed provided exclusively to Airport UAV by the Europe Media Monitor, European Commission;
  • Global UAV regulations;
  • DroneCONNECT global UAV operator database;
  • DroneTALK forum;
  • DroneALERT - report drone incidents and view the Drone Incident Locations on the Drone Incident Map.
Velocity Membership
99 EUR

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Your VELOCITY MEMBERSHIP opens networks to expand your business and become connected by being apart of a global database of verified UAV operators through DroneCONNECT.

When you join DoneCONNECT you will receive a welcome letter and the DroneCONNECT logo to add to your website

Altitude Membership

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Your ALTITUDE MEMBERSHIP opens you to a unique industry first – DroneALERT.
Membership gives you access to:

  • Reporting Drone Incidents
  • Reading Drone Incident Report information
  • Viewing drone incident locations from around the world on the Drone Incident Map
  • Follow the progress of a Drone Incident Report.

You also have access to the other amazing pages on the Airport UAV website such as 24/7 UAV newsfeed , global UAV regulations, DoneCONNECT business directory and DroneTALK forum.